Raw Materials

Canadian studio Michael Green Architecture has unveiled plans for a massive timber office complex on the waterfront of Newark, New Jersey, which is expected to be the largest of its kind in the USA.

To save money, Oden Hughes said it plans to build the complex using primarily light-gauge steel instead of lumber, with BlackSwan Steel fabricating about 80 percent of the framing for the four-story apartment buildings at its Houston facility and then trucking it to Austin.

The following is an opinion piece that provides analysis and support for the argument President Trump should walk away from renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

2017was a rough journey for component manufacturers when it came to raw material costs.

Now that several states have legalized the use of marijuana for some recreational and medical purposes, one of the biggest untapped markets for the cannabis plant itself — at least one variety — could be as a building tool.

The Canadian government has suggested it might drop its major international trade case against the U.S., if it gets a softwood lumber deal.

The North American Free Trade Agreement will probably be renegotiated successfully with only marginal changes, said a large majority of economists in a Reuters poll, despite the Trump administration's saber-rattling.

Fire, disease, logging — these are mortal enemies to most trees. Yet the lodgepole pine seems to thrive after disaster, and that is a bit of good news for Colorado's high country forests devastated by the mountain pine beetle.

The SBCA Capital Area Chapter invited Paul Jannke, with Forest Economic Advisors, to their January 24, 2018 chapter meeting to speak about the state of lumber in the United States.

Whether it’s roof trusses, wall panels or floor trusses, structural building components are framing solutions that require less labor to install and use wood fiber more efficiently. In essence, they are the perfect solution to address builder’s most significant pain points.