Raw Materials

ALSC announced today it has approved SPIB's proposed design value change for No. 2 2x4 grade of Southern Pine only, with a recommended effective date of June 1, 2012.


A sincere kudos must go out to Timber Products Inspection for taking the initiative to create a very interesting, valuable and innovative lumber grading approach.

SBCA is compiling an ongoing list of lumber mills that have publicly supported the structural components industry’s position regarding the Southern Pine lumber design value change issue.

There is no new news from the ALSC Board of Review deliberations following the January 5 hearing, but there are some interesting observations to be had.

In Canada, lumber producers are anticipated to double their profits this year, and around 6,000 forestry-related jobs are expected to be created.

According to industry sources, the United States and Canada are currently working to extend their softwood lumber trade agreement until 2015

The pinnacle of the effort expended by all the parties affected by SPIB's proposed changes to Southern Pine design values was the SFPA facilitated Industry Summit in Nov.

SBCA’s position on lumber design values was reaffirmed at the January 5, 2012 ALSC Board of Review meeting.

Nucor Corporation announced today that it will exit the business of fabricating light gauge steel framing and therefore will close its Nuconsteel division.

The ALSC Board met yesterday to hear testimony regarding SPIB's recommended SP design values changes. We will make everyone aware of their ruling as soon as it is made public.