The Senate is the only show in town in the coming week, meaning the energy world's eyes will be trained on the chamber, looking for signs of movement on an energy reform package.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is encouraging senators to join a conference committee with the House on an energy overhaul bill. 

Republicans in Congress have voted dozens of times to block regulations by President Barack Obama’s EPA. This week they are set to give the agency more authority.

Several state legislatures have adjourned for 2016. Below are brief summaries of how the legislative sessions concluded in those states.

The House took a step Wednesday toward forming a conference committee on a wide-ranging energy bill.

With major worker shortages expected to persist and even rise for the construction industry, there are calls to bring shop classes back to schools.

U.S. lawmakers still hope major energy reforms will be signed into law in 2016, but the legislation may be held up by Democratic resistance to certain provisions in the House of Representatives' energy bill.

The Department of Agriculture failed to justify the amount of money it collects from U.S. lumber companies to support an industry marketing campaign, a federal judge ruled.

Seemingly everyone applauds the recent surge in home prices as a positive sign for the economy. But, in fact, it isn’t. If anything, it’s a sign the federal government still hasn’t learned its lesson about excessive regulation.

Efforts to roll back energy codes in South Carolina and Maine appear to stall this week.