U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) recently unveiled a new state-based visa pilot program that would allow states to tailor guest worker programs to meet their individual workforce needs.

Several state legislatures wrapped up business in the past month. Below are summaries of actions taken that had an impact either on building codes or funds that may impact energy efficiency programs.

The Small Business Administration has announced below it is seeking input from small businesses on how regulations affect their operations.

SBCA is reviewing all of the documentation available to the public related to the softwood lumber trade investigation being undertaken by the DOC.Follow these instructions, and you can view all the documents yourself.

SBCA sent a letter to the DOC’s Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Compliance requesting the department consider a key question regarding the issue of circumvention

SBCA recently sent a letter to the DOC’s Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Compliance requesting a formal hearing discuss how softwood lumber trade tariffs and import quotas distort a normally functioning free market.

Congress is getting to work to reverse all those labor regulations that are doing more harm than good, focusing first on union collective bargaining.

A bipartisan bill to reauthorize a popular and by most accounts dramatically successful utility-run energy efficiency program in the state was detoured Wednesday on its way to the Senate floor.

After congressional efforts to enact the first major energy bill in nearly a decade sputtered last month, key House and Senate lawmakers signaled that another big push may rise from the ashes.

The following state legislatures took action on bills that may have an impact on the energy efficiency of buildings.