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As part of the 2018 Safe+Sound Campaign, the National Framers Council has partnered with OSHA to develop a set of FREE safety posters.

CBG’s work with NFC demonstrates the help and benefit that general contractor members can contribute to the association and draw from it as well as the mutual benefit that results from all players in the construction process working together to ensure safety and efficiency on the jobsite.

As of October 23, 2017, OSHA began fully enforcing all provisions of the Silica in Construction standard, relevant to the activity being undertaken, which requires employers to come into compliance with the new permissible exposure limit, or to implement specific silica controls.

Clayton Properties Group®, a division of Clayton Home Building Group® and a Berkshire Hathaway company, acquired Arbor Homes (Arbor) yesterday, Indianapolis' largest home builder.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) continues to capture the attention of the building engineering community.

Operation FINALLY HOME and a number of local businesses are in the early stages of planning to honor a military hero with a mortgage-free home in Culpeper.

The need for skilled labor is at a critical juncture for builders as they continue to try and catch up with the demand for housing.

When using steel, the savings made from reduced on-site labor and waste brings a greater cost-efficiency to the overall project. Here’s five projects from Melbourne, Australia, using SBS Group cold formed steel solutions to replace wood framed structures:

Raney Construction Inc., run by bootstraps offsite innovator Buddy Raney, will serve as "vertically-integrated total solution" on 3,500 homes, on track to factory-produce 1.1 million board feet of roof trusses, flooring, and wall panels, a 20% increase in business activity over 2017 totals.

It’s highly unlikely you will ever be called upon to build a hexadecagon (16 sided) barn, but any builder can appreciate the work accomplished by Silas Treadway, a timber framer from South Stafford, Vermont, especially when it comes to the elaborate truss design.