Engineering & Testing

Some of the chemical industry’s biggest companies plan to increase research investment this year, but they are holding back on capital spending.

Researchers at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are collaborating with industry to develop a high-performance material that nearly doubles the performance of traditional insulators.

Design is always changing, and with tech and design increasingly aligning, we're arguably headed to the most radical period of change in design history. How radical will the design landscape of 2020 be, then?

JLC met with Bob Frosio of QuickTie Systems to discuss QuickTie’s shear and uplift hold-down post-tensioned cable system for wood-framed structures.

G2 Crowd used consumer reports and social and public data to create a matrix (shown above) ranking eight of the most popular CAD products.

Rolf Jacobson of the Center for Sustainable Building Research (CSBR) at the University of Minnesota, outlines his research examining the performance of eight different Passive House Walls systems.

A team of engineers at Stanford set about to develop a foundation that could withstand California’s harshest seismic activity, potentially bringing a significant reduction in the costs of insurance.

​PCS Structural Solutions finds that BIM improves delivery methods significantly.

When Superstorm Sandy assaulted the East Coast in 2012, it elevated the topic of “resilient design.” 

Cubicco offers the highest standard of comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability, for an extremely competitive price.