Engineering & Testing

After 38 years of unwavering determination to advance the state of truss component engineering and construction framing practices, David B. Brakeman, P.E., S.E. is will retire later this year.

Building failures often start at the top. A strong truss ensures for a stronger building, adaptable to the rigorous winds and rumblings of nature.

You may recall the Brier Creek Multifamily building collapse (video below) due to a straight line wind gust of approximately 86 mph that went viral in early 2014.

Shea Homes’ Arizona division recently found its own application for 3D printing: model homes.

Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) and the Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency, Inc. (CSI), dba Macdonald Inspection Services (MI), announced that effective May 3, 2016, the two companies have merged.

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released a revised 2015 Manual for Engineered Wood Construction.

SBCA’s continual research and hands-on involvement in the building industry provides the association with the opportunity to publish reports on an ongoing basis. 

Simpson Strong-Tie is establishing an annual $100,000 donation for the next eight years to support Washington State University construction and engineering research.

Windows and solar panels in the future could be made from one of the best -- and cheapest -- construction materials known: wood. 

The potential of bamboo to dramatically raise the sustainability of the construction sector has long been touted by green building advocates, while use of the material is currently undergoing a renaissance amongst environmentally minded architects.

The gargantuan grass plant grows at an extremely rapid pace and possesses high tensile strength. Its long tubular shape also makes it intrinsically suited for use as a structural component in various building sections.