Engineering & Testing

A proposal submitted by Timber Products Inspection that would use visual grading to assure lumber design values was rejected by ALSC.

A Texas inventor says his idea of turning trash into treasure could change the way developing countries build and rebuild homes, especially following a natural disaster.

The Case for Tall Wood Buildings is a more than 200-page document that aims to encourage architects, engineers and designers to push the envelope of conventional thinking about wood construction.

A team of researchers at Columbia Engineering has launched an interactive online energy map that breaks down the patterns of power consumption in New York City.

On February 27th, the TPI Board approved Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.'s;Truss Plate Manufacturer membership application.

A team from Cornell’s Creative Machine Lab have come up with a new robot which can not only crawl along truss structures, but that can actually manipulate them and move them around.

Newport Partners, LLC, a Maryland-based consulting firm, recently announced the initial results of a HUD-funded research project, Safer, Stronger Homes: Protecting Your Risk During a Natural Disaster, at the NAHB Codes and Standards Committee during the 2012 International Builders Show.

New white paper puts a whopping price tag on the possible energy savings of multifamily buildings.

Four companies, including ITW, are looking to create a framework around which the workflow components associated with using BIM will flow naturally.

A team of British mathematicians has developed a theoretical design for a Harry Potter style ’cloaking’ device which could protect buildings from earthquakes.