Engineering & Testing

If Congress does not act within the next few months, virtually all federal programs will face an automatic across-the-board funding cut of about 8%.

The USFA has released a report on the April 2011 F5 tornados that hit the Southern US, outlining five overarching critical areas noted that were repeatedly identified as needing improvement.

The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) Board of Review released the minutes from their meeting on July 19, 2012.

A bill would make national model building codes more energy efficient with the goal of reaching net-zero-energy building for new homes and commercial sites by 2030. 

Building codes are thorough at describing the forces involved but sketchy at best when it comes to detailing it all out. Here are three methods to ensure positive load transfer at a tall heel truss.

A comprehensive testing of commercial produced Southern Pine has been completed, and as a result, the industry may see smaller reductions for the wider widths and higher grades of Southern Pine dimensional lumber as compared with the No.2 2x4s.

At the October ALSC meeting, NAHB will advocate strongly for an open, transparent process with appropriate transition periods for the implementation of any revised design values.

On their website, SPIB has provided their Technical Committee Meeting PowerPoint presentation, which provides valuable background information on SPIB’s Full Matrix testing and beneficial insight into the Technical Committee’s discussion on the test data.

The Southern Forest Product Association (SFPA) issued a press release today announcing the completion of Southern Pine lumber testing.  Preliminary analysis suggests smaller reductions than originally projected.

Ox Engineered Products has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with DOW to manufacture, market, and sell STYROFOAM SIS Brand Structural Insulated Sheathing.