Engineering & Testing

This 1,200-square-foot home made of concrete will withstand up to 200-mile-per-hour winds.

Before specifying structural insulated panels in their projects, architects must understand the potential benefits and shortcomings of the system.

The Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), a group comprised of governors and state lawmakers, was considering a resolution to recommend adoption of the 2012 IECC (energy code) and any subsequent updates.

By using innovative (and less expensive) materials in the construction of a new complex, AvalonBay was able to keep construction costs down, which, it says, will translate directly into lower rents.

Forest Economic Advisers (FEA) predicts big growth in production of machine stress-rated (MSR) lumber through 2016, for two reasons. 

SBCA is in the process of analyzing the proposed design values and will provide updated span tables and substitution charts comparing the old (Pre-June 2012) SP values to the new, preliminary (Fall 2012) values.

SFPA issued the following press release yesterday with regard to the Southern Pine design values SPIB submitted to the ALSC's Board of Review.

The SPIB Board of Governor's met  on August 30, 2012, there the complete visually graded dimension design value matrix with Dense, Unclassified, and Non-Dense values was approved and  forwarded to the ALSC Board of Review.

WWPA announced that recently concluded lumber testing indicated no needed change to the published design values for Douglas Fir-Larch lumber

University unveils the nation’s most powerful hurricane simulator, a "Wall of Wind’’ that can hit Category 5 wind speed and put building materials to the worst-case test