Engineering & Testing

SPIB has published new visually graded design values for Southern Yellow Pine in its Supplement No. 13.

SBCRI and Qualtim technical staff were recently able to successfully prevent a virtual ban on floor trusses in the state of Ohio.

Testing at SBCRI can be quick, easy and cost-effective, and through it's TER process, even obtaining code compliance for a product isn't difficult!

In an effort to help members understand and articulate concisely SBCA's goals and objectives regarding component versus conventional stick framing, the following "elevator speech" was drafted.

A letter from SBCA President Scott Ward was sent earlier this week to the SBCA membership regarding a meeting held in Madison, WI on December 11, 2012.

SBCRI renewed its ACLASS accreditation certificate January 24, 2013, with its technical scope expanded from the techniques in 8 standards to 31 standards

California code officials will be enforcing a revised and updated building code beginning next year.

SBCA has put together a series of observations and considerations for component manufacturers with regard to visual grade lumber versus machine rated lumber (MSR/MEL).

SBCA has put together a sortable span table including SYP’s old (pre-June 1, 2012) and new (SPIB’s latest recommendations) design values, as well as values for several western species and MSR grades. 

Yesterday (January 30, 2013), the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) Board of Review heard testimony regarding the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau’s (SPIB) recommended design value changes to all sizes of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP).