A healthier economy, stable job growth and low mortgage interest rates have led to a slow but steady recovery in the housing market after seven lean years of new home construction.

Using the public-use microdata files provided by Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), NAHB Economics and Housing Policy group tabulated new single-family housing starts for the nine census divisions.

Here are four things the next President of the United States should do to make the housing market great again.

One takeaway from the underlying numbers and numerous recent media reports is the increasingly transient nature of young generations.

Following the strongest spring in 10 years, the residential real estate market should continue to see growth throughout the summer despite some growing economic headwinds.

While the nation’s lots are getting smaller on average, the regional differences in lot sizes persist.

Nationwide statistics show that since the last economic boom ended, construction of new residential units across the nation ran at roughly half the pace of the previous quarter century

According to a recent report, the national housing market has now regained enough momentum to provide an engine of growth for the US economy.

ProSales Magazine recently looked at a report from Metrostudy that indicates the nation’s 100 largest homebuilders accounted for 54% of all home sales closed in 2015.

The following article is an interview with Ivy Zelman. Her sentiments that may be of particular interest to the components industry have been highlighted in bold.