Building Codes

SBCA has worked with SFPA to develop succinct answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding new design values and their implementation.

The law that requires all homes built after January 2011 to be equipped with fire sprinklers was discussed at a Yreka City Council meeting, though no action was taken.

Beginning next month, anyone buying a newly built home in Bloomington will be forced to decide whether to put in a residential sprinkler system.

While there may be widely varying opinions in the marketplace, the building code is quite clear on the controlling authorities with respect to lumber design value implementation.

From SBCA's point of view, the changes contained in SPIB's Supplement #9 can be implemented in the ways outlined in the article.

This article answers the question: "What are the substitutes for truss designs that have used the existing 2x4 SP No. 2, when the new design values go into effect on June 1,2012?"

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) Board of Governors has issued Supplement #9, effective June 1, 2012.   SBCA provides some perspectives on what these changes will mean for component manufacturers.


On the heels of ALSC's January 11 ruling on Southern Pine design values, western U.S. grading agencies are at work, continuing their sampling and testing plan that was approved by the ALSC in October. 

Earth Advantage Institute, a nonprofit green building resource, announced its annual prediction of 10 green building trends to watch in 2012.

A Salem company is forming a micro neighborhood of five mini homes in Eugene -- teensy ideas that are all the rage in architectural circles at the moment.