Building Codes

An Australian designer proposed using MiTek's PosiStruts product, an open web truss system that combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of timber for custom made systems, to create walls, rather than its usual application as a flooring, and or, roofing solution in building construction.

Unpublished Census Bureau data show that, on average, homes started in 2011 were bigger than those started in 2010.  Homes were also more likely to have more features and amenities. 

An apartment sprinkler system prevented a major apartment fire at a Lugoff, SC complex Wednesday night.

Newport Partners, LLC, a Maryland-based consulting firm, recently announced the initial results of a HUD-funded research project, Safer, Stronger Homes: Protecting Your Risk During a Natural Disaster, at the NAHB Codes and Standards Committee during the 2012 International Builders Show.

A number of successful home builders, designers, and architects were asked what they are designing, building, and installing in homes that are making home shoppers want a house

New white paper puts a whopping price tag on the possible energy savings of multifamily buildings.

Four companies, including ITW, are looking to create a framework around which the workflow components associated with using BIM will flow naturally.

A team of British mathematicians has developed a theoretical design for a Harry Potter style ’cloaking’ device which could protect buildings from earthquakes.

Studies predict that future innovation will be driven by the need to reduce energy use and cost, but the AEC industry will move at a different pace and in different directions, depending upon where you are.


Despite all of the available technology and new green materials available today, retrofitting an existing building is almost always a more sustainable option than tearing an old building down and rebuilding it.