Building Codes

AWC has developed an addendum to the NDS Design Values for Wood Construction that provides design values for Southern Pine and Mixed Southern Pine to use with the 2012 NDS, 2005 NDS, and the 2001 NDS.

On April 3, ALSC sent a letter to SBCA in response to a March 31 letter requesting further information on lumber design value testing currently being conducted on North American softwood lumber species.

We wanted to alert our readers to a newly published article by NAHB that provides  advice to builders on the causes of, and ways to avoid, structural liability claims.

Tampa opened a new one-stop permitting shop for the Planning and Development Department.

Striving to mass-produce houses the way Detroit makes cars has had at least two significant outcomes in the hundred years since it all began.


Newport Beach, Calif.-based RSI Development  applies assembly-line manufacturing techniques to home building.

Salem council members are questioning a proposed new bylaw that would require owners of homes and buildings that use truss construction to post decals warning firefighters of the possibility of a sudden roof or floor collapse in case of a fire.

Metsä Wood’s (formerly Finnforest) Finnframe flooring system now boasts a number of new developments that further improve the acoustic and energy performance of the system.


Three experts argue for using advanced building systems to meet new standards and reduce overall costs.

Legislation under consideration (HB 2358) in Hawaii would weaken the state’s building code regime by removing key representatives from the Building Code Council.