Building Codes

Energy efficient, tornado resistant homes built for low income Arkansans. This is a story that starts with good intentions.

ARCOM is pleased to announce its purchase of InterSpec, the leading provider of BIM-to-specifications software, e-SPECS®.

A new report reviews specific annual hazard events for flooding, earthquake, wildfire, wind, hail, tornado, hurricanes and winter storms, with spotlights on several international events including Asia typhoon.

ABTG has completed an education presentation on best practices associated with the installation of pan-flashing and air sealing windows to prevent water intrusion.

Below of maps of the commercial and residential energy code adoptions across the United States.

Gov. Mike Pence extended the state’s energy code for one year, a move that ensures developers of commercial buildings and apartments meet minimum standards for insulation, heating and air, and lighting.

As more consumers become aware of available tools to estimate their home energy use and costs, this will normalize this data and consumers will come to expect it.

When a building official doesn’t follow the code compliance process by rejecting an engineer’s seal, they exceed the authority given to them by the building code and they also constrain trade.

APA the Engineered Wood Association is a market development organization for structural engineered wood products manufacturers. For commodity products like OSB, market promotion is largely APA brand focused.

Would you have a good response to a lawyer asking, “You’re saying you pay a third-party to inspect the product for which they also created an ICC report?”