Framers Council

Paslode is introducing a 21-degree framing gun and 21-degree full round head (FRH) plastic collated nails.

Production builder Lennar Homes recently used the Tella Firma system for homes in its new Parkside community in Irving, Texas. Company officials are very pleased with the product.

Builders claim there is good demand, but they complain they're handcuffed by a lack of skilled labor to build new homes.

The U.S. is expected to become both older and more diverse in the coming decades, with the elderly and Hispanics in particular taking up a greater proportion of the population.

Here's an energy efficient detail for intersecting interior walls.

Extra framing costs money and takes up space that insulation could occupy; it costs the builder up front and the homeowner every month.

Here are nine numbers behind today's construction labor force, with special focus on residential construction.

CLT panels are solid, made from 2-by stock bonded together under pressure with a thermosetting adhesive. The layers are cross-laminated, like plywood, with the grain on each layer running 90 degrees to the adjacent layers. 

Toolbox Talks are a key component in harnessing the benefits of safety training and maintaining an OSHA-compliant program. Taking five minutes a week to highlight common workplace safety issues and general tips for a safe, efficient jobsite can transform the safety culture of a jobsite, while greatly reducing the risk of an OSHA fine should an OSHA inspection occur.

The labor shortage--we'd argue--is not an ideology problem; it's an economic problem.