Framers Council

Reliable, safe building performance is predicated upon accurate design properties, engineering precision, an understanding of the raw material engineering considerations needed for successful application or installation, and a skilled labor force.

A client wants to add a 16-inch-wide 4-inch-deep tray ceiling in a room where the drywall ceiling is attached to the bottom chord of roof trusses. The reader asks: Is that possible?

On Jan. 7, the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) released a report outlining three key priorities for the building industry: the next generation of the labor force, resilient design, and code enforcement.

It's not to late to register! The National Framers Council (NFC) is holding their next national meeting on Wednesday, January 21st at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 

Here's what builders said in response to questions about their preferred brands of 6 common tools.

While construction persists as the most dangerous line of work, the industry has made significant safety progress over the past decade. 

It occurred to me that my crew and I could eliminate the danger and discomfort of framing and shingling a roof by doing everything on the ground.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, there is a change to what covered employers are required to report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

MiTek Industries announced the creation of its Builder Products Division for residential and commercial construction.

National Homes Corporation, Lafayette, Indiana, makes the components of a full house every 7 minutes. From the National Association of Manufacturers "Industry on Parade" newsreel.