Energy Efficiency

Chris Byers has a long history in the green building industry and currently works as a Commercial Solar Developer at Namasté Solar. Throughout his career he has assisted in the development and construction of over 24 MW of projects since 2016. Byers has designed and managed solar projects in the United States, Haiti, and Kenya. Because of this, it only seemed suitable that Byers himself take the same approach to sustainability that he has always advocated for when creating his own home.

The photos in this article provide an excellent side-by-side example of the same residential wall system, including the same windows, flashing, stud type, interior vapor barrier, and cladding system.

Builders who use natural materials in the United States have seen interest grow in "hempcrete," a renewable building material made with hemp that can take the place of traditional drywall, insulation and siding.

L&W Supply, a unit of ABC Supply, opened new locations in Modesto, Calif., Boise, Idaho, and Green Bay, Wis.

The energy performance of the homes I build is important to me, but it turns out there are other important reasons for focusing my air-sealing efforts on the garage wall.

Builders in New York optimize their plans to fit more houses on a development, and one way they create inexpensive square footage is to build a second-story room over an attached garage, framing the roof and the bonus room in one quick step using an attic truss.

A federal court cleared the path for ICC Evaluation Services to proceed with its copyright infringement complaint against the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, Inc. when the court denied IAPMO’s motion to have the case dismissed.

Potential productivity benefits for architecture, engineering, and construction may depend on the outcome of copyright litigation by the International Code Council (ICC) against San Francisco-based startup UpCodes. The firm, which aims to reduce perceived bottlenecks in the implementation of the nation’s 93,000 building codes, faces charges that its public posting of codes undermines the public-private partnership that develops them.

Johns Manville (JM), a global building and specialty products manufacturer and a Berkshire Hathaway Company, announced a new Climate Pro®blowing wool production line will be built in McPherson, Kan.

In Puerto Rico, nearly two years after hurricane Maria, the need for safe, affordable housing is still a massive challenge.