Show Slide The Market Place

The Market Place

BCMC 2016 is only a few short weeks away! Many thanks to the 100+ exhibitors coming from all over the world to share their products and services on the show floor and who offer a sneak peek in the pages of this issue of The Market Place.

Show Slide Push (& Pull) to the Limit

Push (& Pull) to the Limit

The SBC Research Institute's testing capabilities have expanded in all directions.

Show Slide Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve

Because of a design team open to innovative thinking, this 8,000 square foot home in Palm Beach County made a homeowner's vision a reality. The key ingredient? Trusses.

Show Slide Building Big on a Small Scale

Building Big on a Small Scale

Heavy timber trusses aren’t the only thing Rehkemper & Son provides, but they’re an eye-catching way to get customers in the door.