Industry Announcements

BCMC Blog: A Sunny Start in San Antonio

The BCMC Build project is coming along nicely, and, looking at early attendance numbers, BCMC 2013 should be one of our best shows in quite some time. 

Wounded Soldier Receives 'Biggest Surprise of His Life'

SPC Cody Nusbaum got the “biggest surprise of his life” on Sunday when he found out that volunteers from the BCMC Build project were building his new home.

What to Expect During BCMC Week

As Mr. Truss is quick to point out, it’s BCMC time!  It also means that all this week, SBC Industry News will be covering events occurring at the BCMC show. 

CM Responds to Random Lengths Article About Truss Plants

We talked with Clearspan Components' Dan Holland to discuss his thoughts on a recent article published in Random Lengths entitled, "Truss Plants Use SYP #2 2x4 to Meet New Requirements." 

Industry Mourns Loss of Randy Bergeron

The industry mourns the passing of Randy 'Buzz' Bergeron, owner of Century Truss (MI).

BCMC Attendance Continues to Rise, Build Recipient Surprise

BCMC attendee registrations continue to flow in, here are the latest announcements regarding the BCMC Show in San Antonio, TX, October 8-10, 2013.

Framers Eager to Talk with Manufacturers

Anyone interested in engaging in the National Framing Council is welcome to attend a meeting that will take place at the conclusion of BCMC, on Thursday, October 10 at 1:00 p.m. in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, in San Antonio, TX.

CM Workforce Efforts Bolstered by 4Ward Consulting

SBCA is pleased to announce that 4Ward Consulting Group (4Ward), headed by former SBCA President Ben Hershey, has joined SBCA Consulting Services. 

T-R-U-S-S Your Way to Cash

BCMC is excited about offering a fun, new event happening this year in San Antonio! We will have a basketball court on the show floor and will have several opportunities for attendees who want to compete for some cash.