Industry Announcements

MSR Lumber Producers Value CMs, Seek Their Involvement

After a seven-year hiatus, the MSRLPC Workshop returned and reminded the market why it had been so successful in the past. 

SBCA’s Views on Creating Fair Code Policy in Contrast to the AWC & NAHB Proposal Effectively Banning Floor Truss and I-joist Use

SBCA provides its public policy views in light of the R501.3 IRC code change proposal by AWC & NAHB that effectively bans floor truss and I-joist use.

Getting Power When You Feel Powerless

Having good lines of communication, trust and mutual respect is by far the most effective way to positively influence your market in your favor.

Colerain Fire Reports & Videos Where 2 Firefighter Died from Fall Through Unprotected Floor Joists

The Colerain Township Fire/EMS Department issued a report (numerous document, audio and video links below) - as well as the NIOSH report - both with valuable details on what happened. 

Take a Tour of a Steel & Concrete to Wood Conversion Project

The MSR Lumber Producers Council’s 2014 Workshop has a great deal to offer component manufacturers. You don’t want to miss this.

Workshop: Analyzing How 2012 Code Changes Will Affect CMs

Larry Wainright, Codes Manager for SBCA, will summarize how the 2012 IBC/IRC code changes may impact your manufacturing business.

Innovative Component Showcase Registration Extended to April 1

You don’t want to miss the MSR Lumber Producers Council’s 2014 Workshop. Hotel registration has been extended to April 1Click here  to access the pdf registration form.

Blenker Leads Building Systems Council as 2014 Chairman

Jason Blenker, president of Blenker Building Systems Inc. in Amherst, Wis., will lead the BSC Board of Trustees as the group’s chairman.

Kansas Regulators Appreciate Training by Missouri CMs

The Missouri Truss Fabricators Association (Missouri Chapter) is a great example of always being there to provide education to their local markets.

PIMA to Sponsor Solar Decathlon Europe Entry

PIMA announced that it has signed on as a Kilowatt Level sponsor of Appalachian State University‘s entry to the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.