Industry Announcements

Alpine Announces Two Separate Cooperative Agreements

To help maintain the industry’s best service and dependability, Alpine has named two well-respected companies as full-service authorized distributors to serve component manufacturers nationally.

Get Financial Benchmarks Specific to Component Manufacturing

The Financial Performance Survey was recently sent to all Component Manufacturers.  You can login and complete the survey here.

SBCA's Views on Creating Fair Code Policy

SBCA believes the following observations are true and form the basis for a more fair and equitable building code policy than the IRC's current version of R501.3.

SBCA Sends Letter to NJ Assembly Speaker Regarding Edgewater Fire

SBCA sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, who is a career building inspector and has expressed to the local media support for a judicious approach toward addressing what might have gone wrong in the Avalon at Edgewater apartment fire. 

SBCA Responds to Fire Service's Public Comments Regarding Edgewater, NJ, Fire

In response to stories published two weeks ago in the local media, SBCA Executive Director Kirk Grundahl wrote the opinion piece below outlining concerns raised in the Edgewater Fire Chief’s official report of the incident.

Jess Lohse: Appreciate Your Role on the Team

With March Madness right around the corner, Jess Lohse writes about his experiences as a student team manager for his high school and collegiate basketball teams.

SBCA Legal Counsel Outlines Key Insurance Issues for CMs

Please join us for this week’s SBCA Workshop Series, Key Insurance (Property & Casualty) Issues for Component Manufacturers with SBCA legal counsel Kent Pagel. He will provide an overview of the key insurance (property & casualty) issues.

MSR Workshop Represents Value Opportunity for CMs

The MSR Lumber Producers Council is hosting its popular MSR Workshop April 21-23, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to download the registration form.

SBC Industry Loses Pioneer Al James

William A. James, 87, owner and president of Timber Truss Housing Systems in Salem, Va. for over 40 years, died February 26, 2015.

MiTek Releases SAPPHIRE Mobile Viewer for Windows

With SAPPHIRE MobileViewer for Windows, users can receive links to 3D SAPPHIRE architectural BIM models via email and use them for design collaboration on Windows 8.1 tablets, PCs, or Windows Phones.