Industry Announcements

BCMC Exhibitors' Latest Announcements

As BCMC 2013 rapidly approaches, SBC Industry News wants to make component manufacturers aware of the latest news regarding supplier companies who will be exhibiting at the show this year.

Framers & Manufacturers Form the National Framers Council

In June of 2013 a small group of framers and component manufacturers met to discuss mutual goals within the framing industry, out of that meeting the National Framers Council was formed.

Simpson Unveils New Shearwall Product

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces the Strong-Wall® SB shearwall, a prefabricated wood shearwall offering enhanced design flexibility and greater lateral-force resistance for a broad range of applications, including narrow and tall wall spaces.

These Component Manufacturers are Reaching Out

Component manufacturers across the country are taking advantage of opportunities to reach out to fire service officials, building officials, framers, customers and the government to share information about the structural components industry.

Mr. Truss: Guess What Time it Is?

Guess what time it is?  Mr. Truss is pretty excited, check out this video below to see why...

Don't Be the Only One Not There: BCMC by the Numbers

BCMC attendee registrations continue to flow in and the latest numbers are a significant reminder that this year’s show has much to offer in the way of networking and relationship building.

Fast Tracking Innovative Product Acceptance

Customers shouldn’t have to wait for your new products. That’s why DrJ Engineering has created a viable alternative to the high cost of getting new, innovative products to market.

SBCA's Public Letter to ALSC, AWC, NAHB, SFPA and ICC

This is a public letter from the membership of SBCA to the American Lumber Standards Committee (“ALSC”), the American Wood Council (“AWC”), the National Association of Home Builders (“NAHB”), the Southern Forest Products Association (“SFPA”) and the International Code Council (“ICC”) and their collective members.

Improving Your Business Requires the Proper Footwear

Sometimes, improving your business is all about proper footwear…

Publication Explains Allowable Wood Usage in Buildings

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released a set of new publications summarizing allowable wood use in buildings in accordance with the 2009 IBC.