Industry Announcements

Fast Tracking Innovative Product Acceptance

Customers shouldn’t have to wait for your new products. That’s why DrJ Engineering has created a viable alternative to the high cost of getting new, innovative products to market.

SBCA's Public Letter to ALSC, AWC, NAHB, SFPA and ICC

This is a public letter from the membership of SBCA to the American Lumber Standards Committee (“ALSC”), the American Wood Council (“AWC”), the National Association of Home Builders (“NAHB”), the Southern Forest Products Association (“SFPA”) and the International Code Council (“ICC”) and their collective members.

Improving Your Business Requires the Proper Footwear

Sometimes, improving your business is all about proper footwear…

Publication Explains Allowable Wood Usage in Buildings

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released a set of new publications summarizing allowable wood use in buildings in accordance with the 2009 IBC.

Tee'd Off Deep in the Heart of Texas

Please join us for next month's Texas Chapter Golf Tournament and Meeting in conjunction with BCMC on Monday, October 7 at The Quarry Golf Club in San Antonio.

BCMC Exhibitors' Latest Announcements

As BCMC 2013 rapidly approaches, SBC Industry News wants to make component manufacturers aware of the latest news regarding supplier companies who will be exhibiting at the show this year.

Financial Performance Data Gives Manufacturers an Edge

Thank you to the many companies who participated in SBCA’s 2013 Financial Performance Survey, it was the strongest response we have had in recent memory! 

A Component Manufacturer's Best Tool to Expand Their Business

Component manufacturers (CM) from across the country are looking forward to solidifying and expanding their businesses at BCMC this year; attendance levels are at their highest since 2008

Manufacturers Face Off Against Suppliers

The SBC Masters Championship has officially started! The first step to participating in this exciting event is to FORM or JOIN a TEAM

Advice all CMs Should Give to their Builder Customers

SBCA Executive Director, Kirk Grundahl will give an update on SBCA’s Fall Protection program as it relates to the most current OSHA guidelines.