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To maximize the efficiencies of panelization and get the most out of off-site construction, there are a few key elements you must consider.

In keeping with the school's "green" ethos, the studio designed a zero-carbon sports hall, constructed using only bamboo.

The QuickTie System has key advantages over conventional hurricane tiedown hardware.

LP Building Products, the leader in high-performance building solutions, has added a new product to the LP SmartSide Trim & Siding product line with the LP SmartSide Perfection Shingle.

FraneFAST follows framer Paul Hill as he uses their latest product to install truss to top plate connections without the need for a ladder.

Here’s a humorous take on how framing crews tackle the important tasks of installing windows and building wrap.

As expected under the new administration, potential regulatory action from OSHA has been cut by more than half, according to the Department of Labor’s updated agenda released July 20.

Great White Construction Inc. has racked up $1,523,710 in proposed penalties after investigators observed employees improperly using fall protection at recent inspections.

President Trump's tough stance on immigration may be having an unintended consequence -- higher housing costs. 

A recent article in Builder Magazine highlights the ways builders are looking for any opportunities to reduce the amount of labor it takes to construct units on the jobsite.