Housing & Construction

To provide more options for multi-family construction builders, the new Simpson Strong-Tie® DGH fire wall hanger can now be ordered with a skewed or offset option. This hanger is part of the new DG fire wall hanger series designed for connecting floor trusses and joists to wood stud walls.

The need for truss bracing guidance that is easier to install and still sufficient to resist buckling was made very clear when three framers were injured this past Monday as the pole barn they were building in Minnesota collapsed on them.

Code-compliant ZIP System sheathing and tape creates a rigid air barrier that reduces air leakage, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings for homeowners.

MiTek USA, a leading manufacturer of code-approved structural connectors, anchors, and epoxy, and a developer of software tools for design and workflow, today announced the national availability of a new FWH Fire Wall Hanger connector: FWHBP, for Fire Wall Hanger for Beams and Purlins.  

Compass General Construction, of Kirkland, Wash., is facing a large fine for workplace safety violations from the state’s Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) for operating a crane too close to high-voltage power lines without taking proper safety precautions.

New construction starts in October dropped 9% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $742.9 billion, pulling back after a 14% jump in September, according to Dodge Data & Analytics.

Formulated to yield superior performance in threaded rod anchor and rebar dowel installations in cracked and uncracked concrete at elevated temperatures, the new SET-3G high-strength anchoring adhesive is the latest innovation in epoxy anchoring adhesives from Simpson Strong-Tie.

Toll Brothers Inc. on Tuesday reported fiscal fourth-quarter earnings (ending October 31, 2017) of $191.9 million. This compared to net income of $114.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2016.

A new report focuses on the number of homes sold to first-time homebuyers. Using 21 million first-time homebuyer records from mortgage origination data, this report spans two housing cycles over the past 24 years.

While many economists expect U.S. housing market growth trends to continue next year, homebuilders that focus on entry-level buyers could be the safest bet for further gains.