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As the article below illustrates, eight years of economic expansion is having positive impacts on the housing industry, even in the ‘bubble markets’ that fell the farthest during the last economic recession.

Simpson Strong-Tie has acquired LotSpec, a suite of software applications designed to optimize efficiency and productivity for production homebuilders' needs around construction document and option management solutions. 

Our readership may not realize how much truss use has become the “norm” when news articles talk about framing. Trusses are nearly synonymous with framing when construction is being discussed. To that end, we are interested in reviewing the ways in which the media uses images of building components when it comes to building construction. We also need to explore how each member can leverage that in their local markets.

Steel has an obvious advantage in that its core ingredients are fire resistant. So, that begs the question that shouldn’t more steel structures be speced and built?

Faster delivery times, quality production, greater time/cost predictability, safer working conditions, less construction waste and speedier return on investment are just some of the reasons why off-site construction is specified more and more today.

The following article was originally published by the Engineered Wood Technology Association’s Engineered Wood Journal and reviews the reasons behind Weyerhaeuser’s successful safety program.

This article discusses how foreign-made threaded rods are infiltrating the industry, and why these sub-standard rods could jeopardize projects across the nation

Over the past few years, FastenMaster worked with NFC member Scott Stevens and his staff at ModuTech to field test and provide feedback on FrameFAST, a product designed facilitate the connection of top plates to roof trusses from the ground. 

On February 23, National Framers Council (NFC) director Scott Stevens visited Southernwood Framing LLC in La Plata, Maryland, to give a presentation with Ace Carpentry’s safety director Jamie Guerro on the benefits of NFC membership and the FrameSAFE program.

OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary opportunity for “employers to talk directly to employees about safety” says OSHA, adding that “any workplace can hold a stand-down by taking a break to focus on ‘Fall Hazards’ and reinforcing the importance of ‘Fall Prevention.’”