Engineering & Testing

HB 217 passed the Legislature, on April 24, 2015. However, Governor Scott ultimately vetoed the bill on June 11, 2015, citing reservations regarding the grandfathering clause and the need for all structural engineers to pass the SE exam.

Fire officials are cautiously optimistic new six-story wood frame apartment buildings can be safe, even in the wake of Friday’s devastating condo blaze.

BuilderMT, the widely-acknowledged market share leader in workflow management solutions for mid-market home builders, now offers a new estimating capability through its integration with CG Visions.

Truss Designers are responsible for incorporating the additional load from the fire sprinkler systems into the truss design. The information in this SBCA Research Report is applicable to both floor and roof systems.

The EWTA’s Advisory Committee at its fall meeting approved a recommendation from the Adhesives and Technical Subcommittee to allocate  $10,000 to fund hygrothermal research at the test facility.

The Truss Cowboys will be up against the New Kids on the Block at the 2015 SBC Masters Competition next month in Madison. 

Some of the chemical industry’s biggest companies plan to increase research investment this year, but they are holding back on capital spending.

Researchers at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are collaborating with industry to develop a high-performance material that nearly doubles the performance of traditional insulators.

Design is always changing, and with tech and design increasingly aligning, we're arguably headed to the most radical period of change in design history. How radical will the design landscape of 2020 be, then?

JLC met with Bob Frosio of QuickTie Systems to discuss QuickTie’s shear and uplift hold-down post-tensioned cable system for wood-framed structures.