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Two significant developments have occurred with regard to the issue of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) lumber design values leading up to the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) Board of Review hearing scheduled for January 5, 2012.

Recently, there have been design value changes proposed for some visual grades of lumber. This is a reminder that these decisions will have no impact on the design values of MSR and MEL lumber.

SBCA is seeking to obtain signatures of support to add to the bottom of letters to the US Forest Service and US Forest Products Laboratories regarding the Southern Pine lumber design value.

The Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) has published a Southern Pine Q&A component manufacturers, which provides answers to a series of common questions regarding proposed changes to SP design values.


In response to recommendations by SPIB proposing a reduction in some building standards to which Southern pine can officially be expected to perform, the NFBA submitted recommendations to the American Lumber Standards Committee.

SBCA and SFPA hosted the Southern Pine Design Value Forum, a two-day meeting which brought together component manufacturers, homebuilders, Southern Pine lumber producers, and lumber experts to discuss the SPIB's proposed changes to Southern Pine design values.

Shock, awe, outrage, numbness, bewilderment. That seems to be the sequence of emotions when we are exposed to a disappointment of epic proportion. Layman's Lumber Guide looks at this series of emotions as it pertains to the proposed Southern Pine lumber design value changes.

Although the recent commotion about lumber design values has been centered on Southern Pine, traders and industry associations are also keeping their eyes on other lumber species.

This article outlines how homebuilders across the country are preparing for Energy Star 3.0, which goes into effect January 1, 2012.

While tables, charts and software programs are a great guide, they cannot replace a talented design professional and frequently do not yield the most cost effective and efficient designs.