10 Most Important Numbers of the Housing Recovery

Is the Housing Recovery Real? Here's what Hanley Wood chief economist Jonathan Smoke has to say about realty reality.

Rising Lumber Costs Have Multifamily Considering Steel Alternatives

The bizarre reality—where wood costs almost as much as steel in some areas—has caused developers to think about taking a new approach. Instead of the suburban garden apartment community, developers are thinking it may make just as much financial sense to build up.

FL Real Estate Leaders See Housing Boom

Southwest Florida real estate leaders agreed during a panel discussion Friday that the region's battered housing market is showing signs of another boom.

Housing Outlook: The Numbers Behind the Numbers

This article contains the Wells Fargo charts and figures used to discuss the U.S. housing market outlook, the risks and the implications going forward.

Housing Recovery Experts Say 'We Aren't There Yet'

Wells Fargo's outlook on housing: "a sustainable recovery in housing will require more homeowners, which implies a steady or rising homeownership rate. We are not there yet."

Top 5 Most Overvalued Housing Markets

Home prices are rebounding so much in some U.S. cities that property values have actually risen beyond what local economic fundamentals justify.

ND Leads Top 5 State Economies

Propelled by a massive energy boom, North Dakota once again captured the title of the nation's hottest economy, with a growth rate five times the national average.

Top 10 Cities Where Buying Beats Renting

Trulia calculated a ratio of asking prices of for sale homes versus asking prices of rental homes, comparing pricing of homes with comparable attributes in similar neighborhoods.

Top 10: America's Boomtowns

New residents are flocking to these 10 cities, which added the largest number of residents between July 2011 and July 2012.

10 Hottest Housing Markets of 2013

Home values rose more than 13% in 10 of the 30 largest housing markets for which Zillow has data, and rose more than 20% in five of them. The biggest growth of all took place in Phoenix, where home values rose 24%.