2013: Housing Markets Creep Back to 'Normal'

Markets in 54 out of the approximately 350 metro areas nationwide have returned to or exceeded their last normal levels of economic and housing activity.

Don't Miss a Deadline with the 2014 Economic Calendar

With the passing of one year and the start of another, make your resolution to stay on top of what is influencing the markets with the attached 2014 Wells Fargo Economics Calendar.

New Index Measures Healthiest Housing Markets

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ may be a common colloquialism, but all it takes is a guy comparing grass blades on a color wheel to clear up any misconceptions about whose lawn is truly greener. That’s what we’re attempting to do with the Market Health Index. The Great Recession and the aftermath of the housing bubble hit many markets hard, while others traveled through the last five years largely unaffected. Some devastated markets are bouncing back with vigor, while others languish.

Fed Bond-Buying to Wind Down in Early 2014

The Federal Reserve will start reducing its massive bond-buying program no later than March, according to a Reuters poll on Friday, with a handful of Wall Street firms expecting the U.S. central bank taking action as early as December following a second straight month of robust jobs gains.

Housing Recovery Experts Lead with Optimism

According to the Wells Fargo Economics Group, “We remain optimistic that home sales, new home construction and home prices will all continue to improve in the coming year, even though conditions will be more challenging on a number of fronts."

Is the Multifamily Party Over?

After four glorious years for the apartment sector, growing construction activity will finally cause vacancy rates to increase gradually over the next few years.

It's About Location, Location, 'Location Affordability Portal'

The Location Affordability Portal from the Housing and Urban Development Department and Transportation Department enables users to estimate the combined housing and transportation costs for a specific region, neighborhood and even street.

Swift Foreclosure Processing Key to Swift Recovery

Why have many of the local housing markets that were hit hardest during the bust — especially in California — bounced back so vigorously and quickly? Answer: Swift foreclosure processing.

Trick Question: Sales or Marketing?

Companies big and small have struggled to define the difference between sales and marketing and what role each might play in achieving growth.

Leading Indicators Point to Continued Modest Growth

The Leading Economic Index was up 0.2 percent in October, marking the ninth time in the first 10 months of the year that this bellwether has signaled more modest growth for the U.S. economy.