Top 10: State Foreclosure Rates

Bankrate's tapped RealtyTrac to spin up the top 10 list among states for foreclosure rates.

Predicting Starts? Choose Umemployment Over Mortgage Rate

Lower unemployment rates are a more powerful catalyst to the housing recovery than lower mortgage rates.

Small Lenders Fret New Mortgage-Lending Rules

Small lenders, already struggling with weak economic conditions and rising interest rates, say new mortgage-lending rules could further crimp their ability to make loans.

Boom to Bust to Boom: Vegas is Back!

Builder confidence in the Vegas market continues to strengthen, and is, in fact, back to 2008 levels. But the new normal will be steady absorptions, increased construction costs, and a tightened labor supply.

Wells Fargo Offers Tempered Outlook on Housing Starts

We remain optimistic about the housing market, but we still maintain our below-consensus forecast for home sales and new home construction in 2014. 

Demographic Shift Favors Multifamily in the Long Term

In the near term, single-family and multifamily construction is likely to pick up. The longer-term outlook is more favorable for multifamily.

Top 10 Fastest Growing States Over Past 3 Years

By state, growth ranged from a high of 7.3 percent in North Dakota to a small loss in one state: Rhode Island's population fell by 0.1 percent between 2010 and 2013.

Investors Expect Multifamily Boom to Grow Even More

Contracting business is expected to continue to boom, a rising trajectory from the low-point of the Great Recession.

2013: Housing Markets Creep Back to 'Normal'

Markets in 54 out of the approximately 350 metro areas nationwide have returned to or exceeded their last normal levels of economic and housing activity.

Don't Miss a Deadline with the 2014 Economic Calendar

With the passing of one year and the start of another, make your resolution to stay on top of what is influencing the markets with the attached 2014 Wells Fargo Economics Calendar.