States Where Energy Efficient Framing is in Highest Demand

This interactive heat map that displays how each state ranks for total energy costs, and breaks down average electric, natural gas, and fuel costs from WalletHub's "Most and Least Energy Expensive States" report.

Despite Perceptions, Economy Doing Well

National media recently covered the gap between perception and reality with regard to national economic performance.

Top 10 Markets Where Multiple Generations Form Household

A new Pew Research study looks at household composition, and specifically at the eye-popping increase over the past 34 years in households that host multi-generational family members. The number doubled since 1980.

Post-Recession: Predicting the Next Growth Cycle

This is the recession evaluator graphic that economists use to determine periods of recession, bottom of recessions and periods of growth. 

Despite Housing Start Drop, Significant Construction Increases Predicted

Despite today’s soft number, MetroStudy's Chief Economist Brad Hunter's forecast for the next few years is still calling for significant increases in building activity. 

Maps: Housing Stock Age Shows Areas of Growth

Depending on where you live, you may feel that the rent - or the mortgage - is too damn high. One reason for this? We aren't building enough new housing stock.

Tables: Housing $ Per Sqft in Major US Metros

Compared to May 2013, the median list price per square foot index rose 7.3 percent last month from $172 to $184. Prices increased in 36 of the 37 markets surveyed.

Tighter Lending More a Factor than Weather in Housing Slowdown

The sharp pullback in home sales, following what, historically speaking, was a fairly modest rise in mortgage rates, suggests that the road to recovery for the housing market will likely be a bit longer and bumpier than previously thought.

After Slow Q1, Employment & Housing Point to Stable Growth

The overall economy slowed at the start of 2014, which took a toll on housing and economic activity. However, this drawdown sets the stage for more stable growth for the rest of 2014.

Map: Is Your Housing Market Back to 'Normal?'

Of the approximately 350 metro markets nationwide, 56 returned to or exceeded their last normal levels of economic and housing activity.