It's About Location, Location, 'Location Affordability Portal'

The Location Affordability Portal from the Housing and Urban Development Department and Transportation Department enables users to estimate the combined housing and transportation costs for a specific region, neighborhood and even street.

Swift Foreclosure Processing Key to Swift Recovery

Why have many of the local housing markets that were hit hardest during the bust — especially in California — bounced back so vigorously and quickly? Answer: Swift foreclosure processing.

Trick Question: Sales or Marketing?

Companies big and small have struggled to define the difference between sales and marketing and what role each might play in achieving growth.

Leading Indicators Point to Continued Modest Growth

The Leading Economic Index was up 0.2 percent in October, marking the ninth time in the first 10 months of the year that this bellwether has signaled more modest growth for the U.S. economy.

Housing Sales Up, but Recovery Taking a "Breather"

Year-to-date figures from the Commerce Department for residential permits, housing starts, and new home sales through August all show gains of 20% or more over 2012.

Housing: Texas Is the New California

Reminiscent of California after World War II, Americans are moving in droves to Texas in search of high-paying energy and professional services jobs and low cost of living.

Consumer Confidence Reflects Growing Pessimism

Following a sharp decrease in October, consumer confidence continued trending downward in November to its current resting place of 70.4.

Permits Top 1M, Starts Report Delayed to Dec.

After a delay of several weeks in the aftermath of the government shutdown, the U.S. Census Bureau has finally released building permits data for September and October -- both show strong growth.

Can Housing Survive the Boomer Bust?

The iconic American single-family home was a housing model for a different era, when Baby Boomers were raising their kids, gas was cheap, and suburbia beckoned.

The Top 6 Markets for Multifamily

The large metro markets— New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Seattle — are sound bets in 2014, but some are stronger than others, experts say.