Fed Indicates Mid-Year Rate Hike, Investors Not So Sure

Federal Reserve officials are on track to start raising short-term interest rates later this year, even though long-term rates are going in the other direction amid new investor worries about weak global growth.

Study: Immigrant Labor Flow Tied Closely to New Home Construction

As housing demand picks up, there is a greater need for immigrant workers to fill the number of construction openings.

Feds May Raise Interest Rates by Mid-2015

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams said Friday he expects the economy will have improved enough to begin raising rates this year.

New Study: How Loan Structure Affects Housing Demand

An interesting new paper published by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York demonstrates the important role downpayment and wealth constraints play in shaping housing demand, particularly for lower-income homebuyers.

Labor Market Indicators Promise Good Things for Housing

Recent labor market indicators signal good news ahead for job creation and housing demand.

2015 Construction Spending to Grow, Boost Economy

Construction spending figures reinforce the general perception of a slow U.S. economic recovery and an apprehensive approach to investment in commercial construction.

Construction Hiring Surging, Aided by Falling Oil Prices

The construction industry, hit hard by the housing crash and recession, is ramping up hiring in an encouraging sign for job and wage growth this year.

5 Current Housing Topics that Could Impact Long-Term Trends

The following five articles were identified by homebuilding sage George Casey as valuable insights into where housing will go in the short- and long-term.

5 Short-Term Issues that Could Effect Housing in 2015

The housing market in 2014 put to bed the idea that the hard-hit sector might see more of a V-shaped recovery. Here's five areas to watch in 2015.

2015: NAHB's Chief Economist Makes Case for Strong Growth

The scale is heavily tipped toward more growth in single-family construction in 2015 than any of the recovery years to date.