Is Cellulose or Fiberglass the Best Way to Insulate an Attic?

This author states, "the best way to insulate my attic is with inexpensive cellulose or fiberglass insulation applied over an airtight attic floor."

Job Growth Supports Greater 2015 Housing Demand

The end of 2014 saw an acceleration of job creation that compared favorably with the poor start to the year. Combined with the ongoing expansion of consumer confidence, these trends will help support housing demand and residential construction during 2015.

Labor, Materials & Less Competition Driving Construction Costs

With the commercial real estate market in recovery in many parts of the U.S., construction costs are rising.

Home Prices Finally Being Driven by Job Growth & Wages

 Asking prices for homes for sale and rents are re-attaching to the quantitative basic drivers of jobs and income growth after a heady "Animal Spirits"-driven surge. 

New Study Debunks Causes of Housing Collapse

We are constantly learning new stuff about the housing bubble — and some of the new stuff contradicts the old.  What we don’t understand may one day come back to bite us.

Simpson Posts Strong 4Q on North American Sales

Simpson Manufacturing Co. reported modest gains in the fourth quarter, progress that was propelled forward by strong sales in the North American market.

Metrostudy Analyzes Single-Family Housing Trends

Metrostudy has just completed its latest study, covering homebuilder projects all around the nation.

Forbes' Top 20 Fastest-Growing Cities

Forbes unveils their annual analysis of the 20 fastest-growing cities, most of them supercharged in economics and talent by the twin drivers of energy and technology.

Single-Family Starts Top 1M in '14, Greater Growth Ahead

Housing starts ended 2014 at a 1.089 million-unit pace, while November’s number was revised upward.

Multifamily Starts to Remain Strong in 2015, Level Off in 2016

The multifamily market has had strong demand in recent years and is set to remain that way in 2015 despite certain headwinds that could affect the industry.