Graph: Capacity Helps Keep Framing Lumber Prices Lower

Here is another graph on framing lumber prices. Early in 2013 lumber prices came close to the housing bubble highs.

'Lot Delivery' Increase Signals More Homes Will be Built in 2015

Large amounts of land were bought in 2012 and 2013 that are now being seen in the data as new lot “deliveries.” 

Survey: Material Pricing Pivitol in Housing Recovery

Among the many granular insights delivered by Thomson Research Group, this much was key: Pricing will continue to play a pivotal role in the construction sector recovery. 

Single-Family Production to Take Off in 2015?

A growing economy, rising household formations, low mortgage rates and pent-up demand will help single-family housing production to rev up in 2015 while a growth in renters will keep the multifamily market at cruising altitude or higher.

Top 10 Charts that Explain the U.S. Housing Market Today

The U.S. housing market has struggled to find equilibrium after the bubble of the past decade. Here’s a look at where various gauges of supply and demand stand today. 

5 Months of Design/Construction Activity Growth, Favorable to Energy Efficient Designs

The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) rose 2.2 points to 55.2 in September, marking the fifth-straight month of growth in design activity. The institutional sector showed the largest gain during the month.

U.S. Economy Remains on 'Strong Footing,' Credit Improving

The Leading Economic Index (LEI) grew a strong 0.8 percent month-over-month in September following a downwardly-revised flat reading in August. 

How and Why First-Time Homebuyers Will Return

First-time home buyers continue to struggle with their own financial limitations but as the economy expands and jobs become more available and better paying, the core 25- to 34-year-old first-time buyers will come back.

Credit Now Flowing Freely for Multifamily Builders

They are not lending much to home buyers, and they're lending even less to single-family home builders, but banks are doling out big money to apartment developers.

Real Estate Indicators Point to Strong Fall Housing Rebound

 The latest Redfin data on broker activity shows that demand rebounded last month after a market-wide drop in homes for sale and new listings put a damper on home searches in August.