Does Creative Truss Design Now Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit?

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit now includes a key modification that will greatly expand the number of companies that can claim it.

Don't Panic: Why There Won't Be a Recession in 2016

Global equities have started 2016 by falling within points of a bear market, and a number of market participants are now asking whether this is just a blip on the way higher or the start of something worse

Housing Inventory Levels Indicate Strong Demand for More Houses

The inventory of homes for sale in each market, it's well known, has been tight even as demand for homes keeps up--which has been inflating prices. 

NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe to Retire in March

The National Association of Home Builders announced today during the International Builders’ Show that Chief Economist David Crowe, Ph.D., will retire on March 18 of this year.

5 Reasons Why Investors Are So Positive About Housing

Here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t be panicking if you’re looking to buy or sell a home.

The Most Important Economic Data from 2015 in 5 Minutes

This publication of charts affords us an opportunity to condense our myriad thoughts into an abbreviated guide to the economic and financial trends that shaped 2015.

College Isn't Worth the Investment?

CNN Money reports on whether college is worth the investment, and Goldman Sachs says it's not.

Survey: Majority Actually Want to Be Homeowners

Housing is once again expected to be a bright spot in the economy, but that optimism comes with a big asterisk. 

3 Significant Factors Driving LBM Mergers & Acquisitions

There are a variety of important factors driving M&A activity at any given time. 

Advice on How to Interpret the Data You Read in the News

Even with interpretation, data can mean more than one thing. There's not always a "right" way to interpret the data.