Freddie Mac: 2016 Best Year for Housing in a Decade

Freddie Mac predicts total home sales, housing starts and house prices will continue to rise this year, reaching their highest point since 2006, according to its March Outlook.

Carter Lumber Sales Increased 13.3% in 2015

Carter Lumber's sales rose 13.3% in 2015 to reach $1.11 billion, the company announced today.

Retiring NAHB Economist Reflects on State of Housing

NAHB chief economist David Crowe reflects on 27 years in the homebuilding industry.

US House Passes 3 Energy Bills, Including Energy Efficiency Measure

The House passed three energy bills by voice vote March 14.

Infographic: 2016 Single-Family Starts Predicted to Rise 14.6%

Every national housing economist is forecasting significant growth for 2016. In fact, Metrostudy’s Chief Economist, Brad Hunter, expects new housing starts YOY to rise 14.6%. 

Is Multifamily Declining to its Equilibrium Point?

 The decline in the MPI and the slight uptick in the MVI may be a reflection of the multifamily market slowly edging closer to its long-term equilibrium point post-recession.

1/3 of Companies in Construction Industry Functionally Bankrupt?

I think more than a third of the companies in the construction industry are functionally bankrupt and looking for a way out.

Is Multi-Family Housing Boom Nearing its End?

 Economists say the tide might be turning away from apartments and toward single-family homes.

Mentoring Included in 4 Tips to Solving Your Labor Issues

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median age of construction industry workers is 42.8, with young workers under 34 accounting for less than one third of the total workforce.

Metrostudy Predicts 1.2M Starts, Identifies Top 2016 Markets

Metrostudy announced today the release of its fourth quarter 2015 Home Building Outlook detailing housing construction trends nationwide.