Framers Council

Since FrameSAFE first rolled out in March of this year, 23 NFC Professional Framer members and 12 Skilled Subcontractors have subscribed to the program. As this bilingual, OSHA-compliant safety program is being implemented across the country, the feedback has been very positive.

DAP’s new HVAC Silicone and High Temp Silicone sealants deliver superior durability and performance for a long-lasting seal in the most extreme applications.

Thanks to John Horan, General Superintendent and Safety Director, for promoting FrameSafe with the Agility Construction team. They won CLP Systems’ 2017 Framer Safety Contest.

Hurricane Harvey did significant damage to buildings throughout affected areas in Texas. Resilient construction methodology makes a big difference during these kinds of high-wind events. 

When a task becomes routine and repetitive, the associated risks become familiar. Familiarity tends to weaken the warning signal emitted by such risks.

Workers who stand on the job most of the time are at greater risk of heart disease than workers who predominantly sit, according to a study just published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

OSHA will begin enforcement of the crystalline silica standard in the construction industry as of September 23, 2017.

On August 24, 2017, Steve Rewey, a building inspector from the City of Madison discussed common installation issues with two dozen Wisconsin framers.

The QuickTie System has key advantages over conventional hurricane tiedown hardware.

LP Building Products, the leader in high-performance building solutions, has added a new product to the LP SmartSide Trim & Siding product line with the LP SmartSide Perfection Shingle.