More GCs are Turning to a New Fire Suppression Method

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineFebruary 10, 2021
by Sean Shields


A relatively new, field-applied fire suppression method appears to be gaining traction among general contractors. M-Fire Suppression ( was developed to suppress fire in wood-framed buildings during construction to “protect workers and developer’s investment.”

“A GC we are working with has taken interest in it as a means of fire prevention in their wood structures under construction,” says Chris Breedlove with Ace Carpentry. Other members of the National Framers Council (NFC) steering committee indicated they have worked with GCs who have started using this product as well.  While it is being applied by a different contractor, framers should be aware of this product as it will likely introduce another step into the construction schedule.

M-Fire is promoted as a safe and eco-friendly product that can easily be applied to raw wood on the jobsite at a cost of less than one percent of the overall project construction cost. You can see the product in action in the following video:


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