SBCA and LMC Collaborate to Further Component Industry

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineMay 12, 2020
by TJ Jerke


Like a Venn Diagram, individuals and organizations in the middle of the diagram may benefit the most where two organizations overlap. 

Venn diagram of SBCA and LMC

This appears to be the case for SBCA and Lumbermen’s Merchandising Corporation (LMC), a national lumber buying cooperative based in Pennsylvania. The two organizations have started a collaborative relationship focused on sharing one another’s expertise to further advance the interest of the component manufacturing industry.

The growing relationship kicked off with a series of joint webinars, and aligns with SBCA’s Strategic Plan looking into ways for the association to provide resources designed to improve member company strategic leadership and decision-making surrounding lumber. SBCA will offer its support and information to LMC’s Component Alliance, a specialty group within LMC focused on its members who also have a component manufacturing facility.

Gene Frogale, president of Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems and a member of both national organizations, helped bridge the connection between the two organizations and is excited to see how the relationship can grow the overall industry.

“CMs with memberships in one, or both, organizations will see even greater value through future collaborative efforts,” he says. “Having a presence with one another’s organization will provide opportunities for SBCA members to learn from LMC manufacturers and lumber buyers and provide LMC CMs with insight into the innovative and new technology and resources that SBCA has to offer.”

He adds that as SBCA looks to further understand lumber trading, it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel and go at it alone.

“I think it’s a great idea to tag along and learn from an organization that already purchases lumber,” he says.

The Component Alliance is comprised of four LMC employees: a component sales trader, Southern Yellow Pine trader, Western lumber trader, and Building Materials Buyer. Rachel Hoops, a component sales trader within the lumber division of LMC, is looking forward to providing new opportunities to LMC members and helping to share lumber information with SBCA members.

“Our goal is to provide opportunities for our dealers who have a unique business structure with a manufacturing facility,” Rachel says. “SBCA is a long-standing expert in a variety of topics, some of which we don’t have direct knowledge of and can provide additional value to our dealer base.”

She says a collaboration between the two organizations will put a stronger emphasis on the use of components throughout the country. With many CMs being members of both organizations, “it seemed like a natural fit to bring the two together.”

“With segments of the country heavily focused in stick framing, the more information we can provide the more we can open our dealer’s eyes to other options in construction,” Rachel says. “It will be incredibly valuable to have a joint force that provides more education and information about the benefits of using structural building components.” 

The collaboration is scheduling quarterly webinars and is looking ahead to other opportunities in the future.


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