NFC Forms Alliance with GCs for Contagious Disease Response Preparedness

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineMay 8, 2020
by Jess Lohse & Mindy Caldwell


Editor's Note: In order to form a robust alliance, please share this news widely among framers and GCs, as well as local and regional OSHA contacts, either by using a direct link to this news item or by downloading this pdf.

On Friday, May 1, members of the National Framers Council (NFC) Steering Committee met with a group of general contractors (GCs) to discuss forming an industry alliance to establish a standard approach to contagious disease response and preparedness in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The alliance will tackle the creation of a benchmark response to the issues that pertain most to keeping workers safe and slowing the spread of any contagious disease that could threaten the health and livelihood of essential workers on various construction sites.

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The goal is to leverage the documented safety protocols of the like-minded GCs in the alliance with NFC staff resources to compile a set of best practices that can inform standard operating procedures going forward. At this time, in addition to general CDC Guidelines, we plan to address the following:

  • Training and Project Orientation Procedures
  • Jobsite Protective Measures
  • Personal Wellness Procedures
  • Jobsite Cleaning
  • Local Travel Procedures (Public Transportation, Van Transportation, Carpooling, etc.)
  • Project Shutdown Procedures
  • Project Startup Procedures
  • Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Recordkeeping
  • Jobsite Screening (Temperature Monitoring)
  • Contract Tracing
  • Testing Programs
  • PPE Supply Chain Coordination

Join a community of professional framersFurthermore, the group is committed to tackling this work in a way that ensures it has a life beyond the current situation to increase preparedness and elevate the overall safety of those in construction, thereby protecting workers from any ongoing or future threats of contagious disease. To that end, the alliance will undertake this work with these goals in mind:

  • To deliver a consistent message through frequent training.
  • To create and use resources that are easily accessed and understood by all workers.
  • To provide more conformity in safety enforcement across the tiers – from GCs to framing contractors to their subcontractors – to improve overall safety for everyone on the jobsite.

Next steps include compiling the standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding contagious disease preparedness from our participating GCs. Alliance members will then reconvene to discuss points of divergence and how to move forward with a set of best practices that work well for all involved. 

NFC Staff is looking for SOPs from any GC that would like to participate in the alliance. Once compilation has been completed, NFC will provide a draft document for review and revision. With all points of view accounted for, a final document for GCs to utilize will be released that will serve as a template in which jobsite-specific modifications can also be made.

The alliance is currently supported by the following General Contractors:

David Doll

Avalon Bay

Kelly Cantley

Bozzuto Construction Company

Mark Weisner

Bozzuto Construction Company

Nate Tayoun

Caritas Construction

Dan Blankfeld

CBG Building Company

Glenn Ferguson

CBG Building Company

Charles Hall

Charles Hall Construction

Jon Weiss

The Engel Burman Group

Scott Burman

The Engel Burman Group

Larry Kraemer

Harkens Builders

Darran Mullahy

Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Jim Dunn


Kyle Masters


Steve Steelman

Mill Creek Residential

Mike Shorter

Mill Creek Residential

Scott Alford

Miller & Smith, Inc.

Eric Farrar

Trammel Crow Residential

The alliance is currently supported by the NFC Steering Committee Members:

Pedro Loureiro

Nomad Framing, LLC

Chris Tatge

Dynamic Construction

Scott Stevens

Modu Tech

Andy Sage

Straight Up Framing

Ken Shifflett

Ace Carpentry, Inc.

To view a complete listing of NFC Members, visit the NFC website. For more information or to get involved, contact Jess Lohse or Mindy Caldwell.