Sanchez, Wiesen, Hoggard Join SBCA’s Emerging Leaders Committee

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineMarch 27, 2020
by Ashley Stroder


The SBCA Emerging Leaders Committee offers talented and passionate young professionals in the component manufacturing industry a chance to build relationships and learn from each other at SBCA events and throughout the year. Recently, Victor Sanchez, Luke Wiesen and Jeff Hoggard joined the committee. Here are a few of their observations on the industry and their early involvement with SBCA.

Victor Sanchez is the director of quality and continuing improvement for Trussway in Houston, Texas. Victor has been working in the industry for five years and thrives on the ever-changing landscape of problems to overcome. “The level of complexity and variety is extremely appealing,” says Victor.  “The industry lends itself well to being process driven. I like the challenges provided, and Trussway gives me an opportunity to put my skills to use.”

Victor Sanchez

Victor was first drawn to SBCA in 2019 when he was invited to speak at a Trusses Manufacturers Association of Texas (TMAT) event. “I appreciated the invitation and that sparked my interest in becoming a member. Later in the same year I attended my first SBCA event. It was clear to me this is something I would enjoy being a part of,” explains Victor.  From Victor’s perspective, serving on the Emerging Leaders Committee means getting a front row seat and taking a hands-on approach to where the components industry is headed. Victor is very excited that he gets to be an active part of building a strong foundation for the future.

Luke Wiesen is the general manager for Truss Craft Structural Components in Grand Island, Nebraska and has been in the business for 20 years. Some people choose their career, while others, like Luke, have the career chose them. “I took a job with a wall panel and truss plant the day after graduating from high school with the intention of working while attending college,” explained Luke.  “I found out that I was a better employee than student and turned a job into a career.”

Luke Wiesen

Since then, Luke has climbed his way from the production floor to general manager. His favorite part about the job is, “getting to work with all areas of our company and the components industry.  From sales to estimating and design, to manufacturing and delivery, I get to touch each phase of the process and coach the team as needed.  I also get the opportunity to network with other component plants and trades throughout the industry.”

Luke understands the importance of continuing education and training. “As the industry continues to change and evolve, so do the customers’ needs and expectations, not to mention the labor force,” he says. Luke’s goal for the Emerging Leaders is to, “find new ways to work alongside others in the industry and build the tools needed to keep up with ongoing changes.”

Jeff Hoggard

Jeff Hoggard has been in the lumber trading business for nine years and works for American International Forest Products (AIFP). If you ask most SBCA members why they continue to be a part of the organization, the most common response you will get is that the relationship building and networking aspect are priceless. Jeff explains that the most rewarding part of his job as a lumber trader is partnerships. “This is one of the few remaining industries that still (essentially) runs on a handshake, and I believe that means something. I don’t believe that our industry is simply run ‘transaction by transaction,’ but by companies teaming up for growth. I take as much pride in helping my partners hit new production or sales goals, as I do in hitting my own.” He adds that CMs everywhere seem to be looking to partner with their suppliers to create mutually beneficial business plans that will allow both parties to reach new heights.

Jeff’s main goal for the Emerging Leaders Committee is to, “bring a new wave of youth to the industry. I believe that there is ample opportunity for youth advancement, so our ability to provide a platform to recruit talented and driven individuals will propel the future of component manufacturing and construction, as a whole.”

These three new members all have one thing in common, they want to innovate and do so by working with the best our industry has to offer. Who do you know that can help us achieve our goals of growing this industry and investing in the next generation?

Visit the SBCA website for more information about the Emerging Leaders Committee and how to get involved.