LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier Now Structural I for Walls & Roofs

Originally published by: LP Building SolutionsOctober 20, 2020

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LP Building Solutions (LP), a leading manufacturer of high-performance building products, announced today that LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier is now an APA Structural I Rated wall and roof sheathing. With the addition of this product, LP Structural Solutions offers a full portfolio of framing and sheathing solutions to help achieve a tight building envelope.

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“We continue to innovate our LP Structural Solutions portfolio to address the industry’s challenges and support more resilient, durable builds. We realize that moisture management is a challenge, both on the jobsite and after completion,” said Craig Miles, director, national sales and marketing for OSB/EWP. “With LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier, we can help give builders and dealers peace of mind through greater dimensional stability and strength, versatility and defense against air movement and water infiltration, and not to mention a cleaner, more professional-looking jobsite.” 

Backed by LP’s outstanding 30-year limited warranty, LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier withstands temperature cycling and delivers consistent, long-term protection. LP WeatherLogic panels help safeguard homes from water intrusion while allowing moisture vapor to escape. An integrated wall and roof sheathing solution, it combines both air and water protection with the increased structural capacity of a Structural I rating. The vapor-permeable membrane on the panel allows moisture to dry. 

“We continue to engineer technological solutions to offer an integrated, holistic suite of products designed to meet specific resiliency needs and proven to help defend against weather,” said Casey Smyth, LP marketing product manager. “LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier is lightweight, strong and eliminates the need for house wrap, making installation and ultimately moisture management simpler. It also helps builders deliver additional value to homeowners by improving the building envelope to deliver indoor comfort and energy efficiency.”

LP WeatherLogic system is installed with AAMA 711-13 approved acrylic seam and flashing tape, which features one of today’s highest quality adhesives. LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier can be used with LP WeatherLogic® Water Screen, a screen that efficiently drains water from between cladding and water resistive barriers, to maximize the moisture protection of a home. 

The LP WeatherLogic water-resistive sheathing has been rigorously tested and passes widely recognized tests for strength, durability and air/water barriers. The system is covered by APA Product Report® PR-N138 and Intertek® code compliance research report CCRR-0319. Rebates are available for dealers and first-time users. Visit LPCorp.com/Rebates for complete details.


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