Norbord’s 'Become a Framer' Effort Aims to Recruit Young Framers

Originally published by: NorbordAugust 28, 2019

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To champion framing as a viable career option, Norbord Inc. is launching the nationwide #BECOMEAFRAMER campaign to get more framers onto job sites. The campaign enables young Americans to learn about the opportunities the construction industry offers, the training required and schools in their area.

Become a Framer Campaign website

The construction industry is facing dire labor shortages and an aging workforce. This means the construction of homes, schools, hospitals and other vital elements of our communities are being delayed because there aren’t enough qualified workers to build them.

Carpentry framing is a rewarding career where mastering your skill and taking pride in your work is encouraged. Norbord cares about framers because they install our products and build the communities around us.

By visiting, prospective framers will gain access to all the information they need to start their career in the trades. They can listen to interviews with current students and graduates, watch videos on framing and find schools that offer the courses they need to start their careers. The website provides ways in which those with ambition can pursue entrepreneurial dreams of starting their own businesses.

Norbord’s #BECOMEAFRAMER campaign builds on its #THANKAFRAMER campaign that the company launched two years ago to raise awareness and train framers to alleviate the labor shortage.


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