Fighting Moisture During Renovation and Restoration

Originally published by: Huber Engineered WoodsSeptember 10, 2019

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When it comes to renovation and restoration projects, there's a challenging balance to achieve between old and new. Older homes provide distinctive charm and character but can be difficult to integrate with today’s building practices.

Paul Patera, a Long Island-based builder, found ZIP System sheathing and tape to be a useful solution for both renovation and restoration projects. Since 2012, the unique needs of his jobsites have been met and exceeded by the high-performance standards of ZIP System products.

“If a client asks me to swap out a 20-window house, I go straight to the truck and pull out the ZIP System stretch tape,” said Patera. “When you remove older windows, you see a lot of failure with traditional housewrap and tape in terms of water intrusion around the opening. It’s not abnormal for many of these homes to have mismatched surfaces and small gaps that have opened up over time. ZIP System™ stretch tape allows me to achieve a tight seal where I need it during restoration.”

From window replacements and tricky transitions to roof replacement and new construction, Patera has found a solution for the many challenges that are specific to renovations of an older home with ZIP System® building enclosures.

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