Top 6 Tips for Getting the Greatest Value Out of Columbus

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineOctober 14, 2019
by Jess Lohse and Sean Shields, with contributions by SBCA staff


The Harvard Business Review published an article entitled, “How to Get the Most Out of a Conference,” which provides some excellent advice on how to get the most value out of your attendance at BCMC next week in Columbus, Ohio. Here are six areas to reflect on as you prioritize your goals and plan your schedule for the show:

  • Change your mindset: Look to network with other attendees not just because you should, but because it’s good for your career and company.
  • Pre-introduce yourself: “Think about the people you would really like to get to know and then carve out time to accomplish that goal.” Send a pre-conference email or LinkedIn connection to introduce yourself or, better yet, get an introduction from a mutual friend or colleague.
  • Be strategic with your time: “A session should fulfill either a content goal, meaning the talk will be educational, or it should fulfill an interpersonal goal, meaning you want to meet or support the person who is presenting.”
  • Network on your terms: “Take initiative to create a situation where you feel comfortable.” Perhaps one-on-one meetings or small group settings are better for you.
  • Listen more; talk less: When you’re attending networking situations – such as a group dinner or conference cocktail reception – your goal is to “allow enough space for others to shine.” Ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully to the responses. 
  • Manage existing connections: “Good networking not only means creating new connections. It also means maintaining and strengthening existing ones.” Conferences can be useful venues to solidify your current professional relationships.

In addition, there are three key things to avoid while you are at BCMC:

  • Spending all of your time with coworkers you see every day — draw clear boundaries.
  • Staying out too late and burning out — give yourself time to rest, rejuvenate and gather maximum value from the conference.
  • Try to be someone you’re not — putting on a false persona is stressful and tiring.

We can’t wait to see you in Columbus. If you haven’t already, check out these articles that give you a summary of some of the educational content that will be offered next week:


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