2 Examples of How Digital QC Can Save You Money

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineOctober 7, 2018
by Molly Butz with contributions from SBCA Professional Engineers


The full significance of SBCA’s new Digital QC program, as described in the recent “Do You Know the Vision & Value of SBCA’s Digital QC?” article, is immense. But there are smaller, yet still significant, ways the Digital QC program can help you improve your in-plant quality control and quality assurance. Evan Protexter, SBCA staff, has had a couple of recent experiences in the field that have already begun to show the positive ROI the program has the potential to provide on a day-to-day basis.

“I was working through an SBCRI 3rd Party Inspection using a tablet loaded with the latest beta version of our Digital QC software, but we were having trouble getting our first joint to line up with the overlay on the screen,” Evan said. A closer look at the joint in question quickly revealed that one of the webs had been installed upside down. “The tablet-software combination made it easy to identify the problem and the truss in question was pulled from the group and re-manufactured correctly.”

In the field, this sort of error could have resulted in an expensive red-tag and subsequent call-back, but the Digital QC program allowed the component manufacturer to identify the error in the truss and make the correction before it left the plant. In addition, catching that error gave the manufacturer the opportunity to review all of the trusses from that group to ensure they had been assembled correctly. While this case turned out to be a one-off error, a natural next step following this sort of occurrence would be to debrief with the production team and address any potential process improvement to prevent future manufacturing issues.

At another inspection, the Digital QC program quickly picked up an over-plating issue on a joint. As a one-time instance, a larger plate has little impact on overall profitability. However, if it was determined that over-plating was a consistent issue, it would be important to educate the crew on the long-term financial affect this could have for the company and retrain as needed. This case represents another easy way Digital QC can improve your manufacturing processes and, at the same time, save you money.

“These can seem like simple, innocuous issues in the manufacturing process, but the result,” Evan says, “can have a much bigger impact on your bottom line than meets the eye.” Moreover, Evan notes issues like these are much easier to fix before the truss is installed in the field. In addition, while these issues are seemingly minor, many small costs eventually add up to a notable reduction in profitability. SBCA’s Digital QC program can help you continually measure these small items so you can more accurately manage your profit margins.

These are two excellent, real world examples of the improvements Digital QC can help you make in your component manufacturing plant. But they are really just the tip of the iceberg. For more detailed information about how the program will work and all of the benefits Digital QC will bring to the component manufacturing industry, join us at BCMC for the Revolutionizing the Industry with Digital QC educational session, see the tablet-software combo in action at the SBCA Booth and talk one-on-one with our Digital QC alpha testing CMs.

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