Kylmala Truss Gets Big Return from QA Inspections

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineMay 6, 2019
by John Arne


“Third Party truss inspection audits keep us on our toes, hold us accountable on our in-plant Quality Control program,” says Keith Kylmala, owner of Kylmala Truss in Saginaw, Minnesota. Kylmala Truss is certified in the SBCA In-Plant Quality Control (QC) program and receives quarterly 3rd Party Quality Audits (QA) from the SBCRI-TPI 3rd Party inspection program.

Kylmala Truss, founded in 1988, builds floor and roof trusses for use in single-family and commercial projects and generally delivers with-in a range of 75-100 miles from the plant.

Keith finds value in the SBCA In-Plant program’s ability to quantify the data gathered during the inspection process, “the data and the reports that can be generated give us a way to see where our issues are coming from.” Even though they are a relatively small operation, he believes the inspection process isn’t so labor intensive to be a burdenfor a small company. The inspection also reduce their call backs for quality-related field repairs. “Because of our QC program and QA audits, field repairs due to quality are extremely rare, maybe one per year, if that.”

Andrew Walker, truss designer and QC inspector, has performed in-plant inspections for the past two and a half years. The integration between the design software and the QC software is very smooth and this is extremely helpful when it comes time for a truss inspection. The inspector training videos that SBCA has produced have also been very helpful during his initial training and as an occasional refresher.

So large or small, every plant can benefit from a strong QC/QA program. If you’re interested in learning more about the SBCA In-Plant QC program or the SBCRI-TPI 3rd Party Inspection program please contact John Arne at (608) 310-6702 or To view a list of SBCRI 3rd Party program participating plants visit here.