Video: Do CI and WRBs Go Together?

Originally published by the following source: Applied Building Technology GroupMarch 13, 2019
by Timothy Ahrenholz


Last time we talked about integrating continuous insulation with a tarpaper WRB.  However, nowadays it’s common to see other kinds of WRBs on commercial products such as peel-and-stick, fully self-adhered membranes, spray applied membranes, and so forth. 

Can you put continuous insulation over these types of WRBs?  Forgive us for sounding like a broken record, but the answer is “of course!”  In fact, continuous insulation is compatible with pretty much any WRB system, and in some cases can function as its own WRB (when properly installed, taped and sealed).  For more information and guidance, visit the WRB page on and check out the short video below:

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