Johns Manville Launches New Polyiso Cover Board

Originally published by: Roofing ContractorFebruary 3, 2019

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Johns Manville is announcing the release of ProtectoR HD, a ½” thick, high-density polyiso cover board with Grade 1 compressive strength (min. 80 psi up to 110) and an R-value of 2.5. ProtectoR HD offers excellent resistance to harsh rooftop conditions including hail, wind uplift, puncture and moisture in a competitive package. ProtectoR HD provides reduced FM 1-90 fastening rates with as few as 8 fasteners per 4’x8’ board. This is up to a 50 percent reduction in fasteners and plates required to achieve FM 1-90 over min. 22-gauge steel or structural concrete decks as compared to other high-density polyiso cover boards. ProtectoR HD is manufactured in Bremen, Ind., Cornwall, Ontario, Fernley, Nev., Hazleton, Pa. and Jacksonville, Fla.

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