How Carlisle’s Rebranding May Boost Entire Industry

Originally published by: Spray Foam MagazineMarch 2, 2019

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The spray foam industry is developing at a rapid rate, which can leave customers and consumers feeling overwhelmed when making a brand choice. However, there are two teams making that choice easier for applicators, distributors, builders, architects, and consumers: Accella and Carlisle. Their goals are simple; satisfying customers by being easy to work with, delivering high-quality products, offering the best technical, sales, and customer support, and creating strong brand awareness. All of these objectives will deliver superior added value.

The Accella team has officially announced a major rebranding of their spray foam business, which will now be identified as Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI). What is the reason for rebranding the legacy company and their multiple brands, and how will it benefit spray foam customers? Spray Foam Magazine sat down with top executives from both Accella and Carlisle to discuss this groundbreaking reinvention and its benefits.

Prior to being acquired by Carlisle, Accella was owned by a private equity firm that created the largest independent polyurethane systems house in North America. Carlisle Construction Materials acquired Accella—including the spray foam business unit—in November of 2017. With an impressive 100 years of experience, Carlisle is a well-established, dependable business with a long-term plan to make this rebrand a success.

Built on established mutual trust and respect, the acquisition has helped unify and simplify two visions and identities. Carlisle excels at achieving organic growth by building the business portfolio, driving operational excellence, and being a partner that is easy to do business with, all of which will benefit the customer.

In 2018, the companies started to merge their strengths, with Carlisle providing Accella access to the latest technical know-how, brands, and resources of a global company. Moody Ozier, the Marketing Director for Accella’s spray foam business unit clarifies, “The portfolio of spray foam brands included three very well-established spray foam competitors: Premium Spray Products, QuadFoam, and BaySeal. We were living with multiple brands under our spray foam name, Accella Polyurethane Systems. With many acquisitions in a very short period of time, the decision to keep the three separate brands made sense. However, as we talked to customers, we recognized that it created market confusion.” In 2018, the Carlisle and Accella teams carried out extensive research to determine if a total rebrand would help to clarify the overall spray foam brand.

Ozier enthusiastically announces, “We looked at either rebranding to Carlisle or consolidating products into something new. We started the brand strategy process in May of 2018, leveraging a high-profile outside agency and conducting more than 600 interviews with contractors, distributors, architects, and consumers.” »

Al Restaino, Vice President of Marketing for Accella Polyurethanes Systems’ portfolio of businesses, said, “The results were overwhelmingly positive that we should simplify our message of who we are and leverage the Carlisle name. The brand strategy, which will be unveiled during the SPFA show in Daytona Beach, is the result of those interviews and demonstrates the enormous value and impact our customers have on the positioning of the brand strategy.”

In addition, the consensus was that Accella needed one product family, making it recognizable and simple for customers. Ozier states, “With such an array of products, we were competing against ourselves. The solution is to simplify and rebrand. We are still the spray foam business unit of Accella Polyurethane Systems, but we are owned by Carlisle. We are especially excited to offer the most comprehensive, complete product portfolio under the SealTite name as we sunset our other legacy brands.”

Shifting Accella’s identity has clarified their brand strategy, matching spray foam solutions to industry needs. This team effort will make their contribution to the spray foam industry stronger than ever, benefiting those within the industry and their customers.

Why is a clear national brand so vital? Brand strategy and consistency is fundamental to simplifying buying decisions, product recognition, business philosophy, and the world’s view of the company. Once constricted by structure, the marketing of its culture has transformed it into something much grander. At one time, the businesses would focus on regional branding, but with today’s internet and global access, branding must be on a comprehensive, national level. Teaming Accella and Carlisle will accomplish this.

Mike McAuley, Carlisle Construction Materials’ Executive Vice President of Diversified Products and General Manager of Accella, says, “This new branding platform allows Accella to build on the success of Carlisle Construction Materials and our brand management approach to the marketplace; it will help with differentiation and provide a unique customer experience. This journey will take some time, but will ultimately provide needed leadership for the industry.”

Bill Brengel, Vice President and General Manager for Polyurethane Systems – Specialities, added, “Another important benefit of being part of the Carlisle Construction Materials team is that the Carlisle name is widely recognized as a high-quality solutions provider to not only the architectural specification community, but to all national and regional builders. Carlisle is committed to the industry space and to providing long-term investment, stability, and development of the category. I believe being part of such a powerhouse will be very exciting for all our customers and consumers alike.”

Efforts are now focused under one umbrella brand to send a clear message to customers; they can feel confident in choosing Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation. Carlisle’s wealth of experience has enabled the company to develop proven systems, policies, and significant analysis for decision making. Combining this with Accella’s proven sales and technical experience and quality products gives this new venture exciting potential. Both teams are as dedicated as ever to delivering excellent service to their customers, and they are both looking forward to strong, sustainable growth.

Sensing the enthusiasm, dedication, and overall brand clarity these two companies have obtained really does make one feel confident in the future of the spray foam industry.