3 Paths to Home Construction, Which Are You On?

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineMarch 19, 2019
by Sean Shields


Craig Webb, former editor of ProSales Magazine, posted an interesting blog entry last week. In it, he outlines what he believes are two paths home builders are turning to beyond the traditional, jobsite construction approach. The first path he says is relying on the factory:

“Its poster child is Katerra, but you also can cite modular construction, production practices worldwide, and research projects like Virginia Tech’s FutureHaus among its believers…Katerra architects design projects, its sourcing staff commissions private-label goods, Katerra mill hands manufacture cross-laminated timbers, and the company’s factory workers build trusses, wall panels, and even cabinets for delivery on trucks…”

The second path is one step removed from Katerra’s holistic approach:

“The second is what George Casey of Stockbridge Associates has dubbed the “Super Sub.” Entekra is an example here, but so is the building material dealer that both creates and sells trusses, or that sells and then installs windows and doors.…Casey envisions a day in which Super Subs might handle multiple tasks in home construction, like providing drywall, painting, and cabinetry, all in one contract.”

The third path is the status quo:

“Nobody expects it to be abandoned, but forecasts do call for particular groups to leave it as the other two alternatives develop. In general, it appears, the bigger and more standardized your work is, the more likely you’ll change.”

Which path do you feel you are on today? Do you feel any desire or momentum to become part of one of the other paths? Let us know what you think.