Video: Floor Trusses Are ‘The Bomb!’

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJune 3, 2019
by Laura Soderlund


“These things are the bomb! Think of all the advantages!!!” Tim Carter exclaims in respect to the floor trusses he promoted in his latest newsletter. The Ask the Builder founder shares with his readers a new video where, in true Tim Carter fashion, he enthusiastically shares the benefits of building with floor trusses using video taken during the construction of his daughter‘s new home.

Builders installing floor trusses

The video was posted in late May and within a week has 979 views and 70 likes on YouTube. Additionally, two viewers commented on the video. One stated, “This should be used in every home. I don’t see any disadvantage.”  Another viewer commented, “That is a great idea and many probably need to know it if they are building their own home.”

The comments and number of likes demonstrates that many viewers learned something from the video and appreciate knowing more about the advantages of floor trusses. Tim created this video in partnership with SBCA to expand the awareness of structural components. Through his newsletters and nationally syndicated column, Tim is increasing awareness of framing with components, while also creating marketing materials, like this video, that component manufactures can use with potential customers.

Tim’s publicity and credibility has been a remarkably productive way to promote structural components, and SBCA will continue to seek out these kinds of mutually beneficial partnerships with groups and individuals to expand the market for our industry’s off-site framing solutions.

Stay tuned for additional videos from Tim on what he calls “the magic” of components. For more information on SBCA’s collaboration with Tim, check out his landing page on SBCA’s Best Way to Frame website.

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