New Terminailer XP Offers Greater Flexibility

Originally published by: TerminailerJune 2, 2019

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Construction Industry Innovations LLC. is pleased to announce its new Terminailer® XP model – so named for its expanded performance. The XP adds even greater versatility to the base Terminailer, which has nearly redefined the nailing function for high-volume wall panel manufacturers since its introduction to the market three years ago.

Terminailer XP allows for a wider range of nail sizes for enhanced code compliance. This is made possible by Bostich N89C-1 Tools, with a nail size range from 2” to 3.5” in length and .099” to .148” diameter.

The XP also features a PLC/E-Stop box on a 230 degree swivel platform, for easy operation from both sides of the machine. This provides operators both greater control and the flexibility to stage and run different materials from either side – such as headers and subcomponents.

Terminailer XP also boasts new low-nail sensors that notify the operator when the nail supply is running low – giving ample time to replenish nails as needed while minimizing interruption.

These new features combine with all the strengths of the original Terminailer. The XP quickly and precisely drives 30-70% of the framing nails in any wall panel job, while minimizing operator handling and virtually eliminating injury risk -- all without the need for special training or complicated software.

To learn more about Terminailer XP and how it can enhance productivity in your facility, visit, or call 765-751-9990.