A Closer Look: Roof Truss Growth Potential

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJune 3, 2019
by Jess Lohse with contributions from SBCA Staff


Back in January, SBC Magazine covered a Home Innovation Labs’ report that indications a positive five-year outlook for structural component framing. Over the next three weeks, we will dig into that data further to see exactly which products are poised for growth, who will be using them and which regions  will see the most robust growth. 

Roof trusses maintain a 66 percent market share, nationally, over stick framing; a slight increase over previous years and up five percent since 2012. A majority (60 percent) of builders surveyed indicated they plan to use roof truss about the same over the next five years and 19 percent plan on using roof trusses more often in the same period. To contrast that data, 3 percent of builders surveyed plan to use trusses left often and 18 percent don’t plan to use roof trusses at all. Large builders (25+ units) outpace small builders (1-24 units) with a net gain of increased use of roof trusses by 19 percent, compared to 15 percent respectively. 

 Geographically, the largest increase of planned use occurs in the Northeast (21 percent of builders) and South (16 percent), while Midwest builders surveyed indicated an increase in use of roof trusses by 14 percent and those in the West only see an increase of 11 percent. Seventeen percent of builders anticipate using trusses more often in Move Up and Luxury homes and 13 percent of builders surveyed anticipate using roof trusses more often in Starter homes. Further breaking down the data by type of builder shows a growing likelihood of Production Builders (20 percent) to increase their use of roof trusses while 16 percent of Custom Builders and 15 percent of Semi-Custom Builders will increase their use of roof trusses. 

Five Year Net Gain (Increase less Decrease) in Anticipated Use

  Northeast Builders Midwest Builders South Builders West Builders
Roof Trusses 21% 14% 16% 11%
Pre-Cut Framing Package -5% 12% 6% 5%
Factory-Built Open Wall Panels -7% 19% 4% 11%
Factory-Built Closed Wall Panels 2% 14% 2% 11%
Panelized, Pre-Assembled Floors -5% 17% 4% 14%
Modular 5% 4% 4% 11%
Turn-Key Framing 2% 9% 1% 5%
Precast Floor, Wall, or Roof Panels -2% 12% 6% 5%

Overall, the news for roof trusses is positive. A market share of 66 percent shows the dominance of roof trusses over alternatives while showing manufacturers have opportunities to grow their overall market. The data shows builders are overwhelmingly satisfied with their use of roof trusses, with 79 percent saying they will maintain or increase their use of roof trusses. Regionally, the increased anticipated use in the South and Northeast show increased market acceptance and adoption while lower numbers in the Midwest and West may suggest roof trusses are closer to market saturation in those areas. Production builders are further seeing the value of roof trusses, 20 percent of which indicating they plan on increasing their use of roof trusses over the next five years. 

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