TPI Circles Back to SBCA Solution for Cross-Platform Initiative

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJuly 22, 2019
by Jess Lohse with contributions from SBCA Staff


The Truss Plate Institute (TPI) announced in a July update to its Cross-Platform Initiative Blog that it is building upon Uniform Data Standard (UDS), developed by SBCA’s IT Committee. TPI’s CPI Workgroup initially evaluated a BTLx format that is a free standard used for data exchange between different design software and machines, but determined it was not best suited for the component manufacturing industry.

The CPI Workgroup is continuing to determine its next steps for the development of a universal file format for the component manufacturing industry.  It will soon begin drafting a document describing units of work that would communicate with equipment using the UDS as its foundation. The Workgroup is scheduled to meet again toward the end of July and should have another update during SBCA’s Open Quarterly Meeting, August 6-8 in Savannah, Georgia.

For more information about the on-going progress on this TPI Initiative, visit the Cross-Platform Initiative Blog.

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