High School Course Trains Truss Designers

Originally published by: Oberon ReviewJune 8, 2019

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HEAVY: Oberon High School's Malcom Voerman with the truss he designed for his HSC engineering studies course.

Oberon High's stage 6 engineering studies students are completing their HSC assessment task on bridge truss design.

The task involves designing a suitable bridge truss and then building it from balsa wood to span 500 millimetres. 

They are then required to test the truss to breaking point. Students then perform a series of load calculations and evaluate the design they chose. 

Students perform a mechanical analysis where they calculate the force in each member and state whether they are in tension or compression, as well as determining the highest stress for the material at the point of failure. 

The exploration of many other factors which may have affected truss performance and design form part of this assessment task. 

All students undertook this task enthusiastically.