Chart: Will Home Builders Increase Use of Trusses in 2019?

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJanuary 7, 2019
by Sean Shields


Home Innovation Research Labs conducted a survey of home builders in December. Respondents indicated they are continuing to increase their use of off-site construction, and plan to rely on it even more in 2019.

The chart below compares responses between the latest survey and the previous one conducted in April. As is to be expected, roof trusses were the top choice for builders adopting an off-site building system.

Nearly 70 percent of survey participants indicated they plan to continue their use of roof trusses. In April, 17 percent indicated they planned to increase their use of roof trusses. By December, 11 percent planned to further increase roof truss usage.

Source: Annual Builder Practices Reports, Home Innovation Research Labs

An emerging trend from April to December is the growth in wall panel use (both open and closed), where the number of respondent who indicated they planned to increase their use doubled.  We will explore this aspect of the survey next week.

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