Webinar: How Energy Efficient is Wood Fibre Insulation?

Originally published by: FPInnovationsJanuary 30, 2019

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FPInnovations, in collaboration with 475 High Performance Building Supply and the Canadian Wood Council, engaged in a project to introduce wood fibre insulation products into Canadian construction through a series of high profile demonstration buildings. The objective of the work was to expose wood fibre insulation products through these demonstration buildings to accelerate their acceptance into Canadian and other North American markets.

As part of this project, FPInnovations would like to invite all interested parties to attend the following webinar:

Wood Fibre Insulation in High Performance Construction: Canadian Demonstration Buildings

Date: February 13, 2019
Time: 10:00 (PT) / 13:00 (ET)
Presented by: Bob Knudson

Dry process wood fibre insulation products have been used in a variety of structures throughout Europe for more than 25 years, where the market is developed and growing. Wood fibre insulation was installed into three different buildings in three different climate regions of Canada, a single family residence near Collingwood, ON, a co-op multi-family housing project in Saskatoon, SK, and a laneway house in Gibsons, BC. All three buildings were designed to meet or approach Passive House standards. Wood fibre insulation products were readily adapted into wall and roof systems that had originally called for other insulation products. Performance monitoring of each building is to be carried out for at least one year.

To join the meeting:
Adobe Connect link: http://fpi.adobeconnect.com/feb_13_2019/
Phone number: 1-888-518-2098
Participant code: 30653884#