2019 Training Events Emphasize Safety Awareness

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineFebruary 25, 2019
by Mindy Caldwell


Building a culture of safety awareness takes dedication and the continuous education of your workforce. Mark your calendar for some targeted emphasis and training opportunities throughout the coming months. NFC’s FrameSAFE program includes safety training materials designed specifically for framers that will assist you in targeting specific areas of safety in conjunction with these specific campaigns:

  • March Is Ladder Safety Month: Every year over 100 people die in ladder-related accidents, and thousands suffer disabling injuries. Join the American Ladder Institute (ALI) in celebrating the second annual National Ladder Safety Month, designed to raise awareness of ladder safety and to decrease the number of ladder-related injuries and fatalities. To help with your training efforts, download a free FrameSAFE Toolbox Talk on the proper use of extension ladders. Check out the full library of Toolbox Talks available with a FrameSAFE subscription. These documents are key to developing an ongoing culture of safety.

National safety stand down is May 6-10, 2019.

  • Stop Falls Campaign Official Stand-down Week – May 7-11: The Stop Falls Campaign raises awareness of the danger of falls. The signature event is the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, to be held May 6-10, 2019. The stand-down encourages employers to take a dedicated time during the week to focus on fall prevention efforts and training. (Visit the NFC website to download jobsite posters for this year’s Stand-Down and watch for more information about how NFC members can get involved in the weeks ahead.)
  • “Don’t Fry Day” Heat Illness Prevention Campaign – Friday, May 24: To help reduce rising rates of skin cancer from overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated the Friday before Memorial Day as “Don’t Fry Day” to encourage sun safety awareness and remind everyone to protect their skin while enjoying the outdoors. During hot weather, OSHA will promote the risks of heat and prevention measures using the #WaterRestShade Campaign for Heat Illness Prevention.
  • Safe + Sound: Campaign for Safety and Health Programs – August 12-18: The goal of the campaign is to promote the understanding and adoption of safety and health programs. The signature event is Safe + Sound Week, when employers can show their safety commitment through activities related to common core elements of recognized safety and health programs: management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to find and fix hazards. Once again this year, NFC will partner with OSHA to develop framer-focused materials to enhance this campaign. Stay tuned!

For more information about NFC and safety resources for framers, visit framerscouncil.org.

Encourage a culture of safety with an NFC Safety Program with Frame Safe